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    I got all of my stuff and everything went well until I tried to cure the part?
    it never flowed out ? I built a quick box and lined it with foil the put the
    m1500 light that I have in front but it never flowed

    any help would be great

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    How close is the light to the part? How long did you leave the part under the light. Is it a dense part? What is the part made of? Unfortunately IR curing isn't cut and dry. If you're curing a thick steel or aluminum parts, you might want to keep the lamp very close and leave it there for a long while. Powder flowout begins with part temp, and it might take a long time to heat the parts. Also make sure that your lamp is pointed perpendicular to the part. IR moves in straight lines.


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      IR Light

      I did a couple of things I had the light on a wrench for a long time like 3 hours but Ill bet your right I dont think that it ever got hot enough

      after the flow will it be all shinny will I know if I leave it alone ?


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        It will look something like jelly. Then it begins to flow and will eventually look like paint. At the point that it begins to flow is when I generally start to check the temp. when the part gets to the curing temp you start your count down for curing time. Try to remember that we live in a 10% world. Be aware that you can overcure if you're not totally sure of when it began to cure. In your case I'm guessing you'll need to have the lamp very close to the part and it will need to be there a good long time. Depending on the type of parts you are attempting to cure you might want to up the power. In looking around Caswell's site I'd say you have plenty of options.