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ok! cast aluminum polishing

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  • ok! cast aluminum polishing

    Ok, I need to powder coat some things.

    Motorcycle rims, and a mitsu eclipse intake mani on the V-6. however, these are rough and the people want CHROME. so the question is, How do I smooth this out to coat it? i tried the layer powder method, which kinda worked, but then the powder got too thick and started to crack. not good. Does anyone know how to do this and can stear me in the right direction....

    please help

    thank you
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    I usually try to blast the rough areas as hard as i can, it's hard to make a show piece from a piece of junk though..
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      blasting and the same steps as if you were going to polish the wheel's will work ....


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        Take a look at the intake i did.;caption=EFI SPYDER&album_id=4287153843&from_album=1

        I didn't smooth out the lower part but if you notice i did smooth out the elbow. I used a die grinder and the sandpaper rolls that are for porting and polishing. I sanded it till the casting marks went away. The only thing is i think it made it out gas worse than if i would have left it alone. the lower part of the intake did not out gas. I stripped the elbow down 3 times and ended up using Metal-2-Metal to skim over where it was out gasing. That fixed all my problems then. Caswell sells Lab Metal and it says you can thin it out to spray it.
        Then you could sand it smooth to eliminate the out gassing too. Never tried that stuff yet.


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          thanks I just used 220 sand paper and sanded the heck out of it..

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