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Where to buy Teflon coating???

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  • Where to buy Teflon coating???

    Where can I buy some Teflon coating at? I haven't seen any on Caswells and DuPont you have to order $1000 worth of the stuff to get any. Would be an excellent item for Caswell to start carrying. My Cold Steel knife is loosing its Teflon coat and I'd like to redo it.
    What is Teflon?

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    that may be a product that need's alot of input .... i would buy it but where i would use it will wear off in about 20 min's i may be good on the top end or the valley pan of a motor .. maybe caswell will kick it around ...


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      You could always use it to redo the Teflon coating on your nonstick cookware. I'm sure someone here has up and scratched the coating on some of the Teflon coatings on nonstick pans.


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        We have to buy a minimum of 4 cans when we restock, at around $300.00 to $400.00 per can (1 gallon). The co. we buy from (in K.C.) is Entech, but I'm not sure of that spelling, I'll have to check.

        1 gallon lasts a long time even for us. Also consider it has a shelf life of about 1 year, and is destroyed upon freezing.

        There are also different grades of Teflon. Not all of it is food grade, and several types require a wash primer as well. Curing temps vary from around 400 to 600 F. Some of these require the use of DuPont's thinners for clean-up, and only their thinners can be used for thinning (no substitution). You might check for MSD sheets to make sure you even want to handle this stuff as most of these thinners make MEK look passive. We use a special plastic (disposable) glove when handling it, if you like, I'll find out where we get those too.

        I have been told that it is also available in powder form, however we shoot the liquid, and, it requires a sandblasted finish for proper adhesion.
        There is another company in town that uses the powder combined with an acid etch that we have been told is inferior to the sandblast prep we do.

        I realize its not a factor right now with summer coming on, but after around the first of October shipping rates go up because they have to ship by heated truck(for liquid).


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          Re: Where to buy Teflon coating

          I would like to have a small quanity for my AR15 receivers. They use a dry film teflon coating to keep the receiver clean looking, as well as, protect against scratching.


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            Re: Where to buy Teflon coating

            Teflon is pretty much an outdated coating for firearms and knives, ceramics are so much better.