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Help-Lettering my golf club

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  • Help-Lettering my golf club

    I have an old Putter that I just coated with a "mirror black" powder. I would like to put a silver powder down in the lettering, but I'm not sure how to do it. I was thinking of masking most of the club, then applying powder to the area, then wiping it clean-thus leaving powder down in the letters. Will this work? Any other suggestions? I'm not the most patient or steady-handed individual, and am trying to get the best results without spending a ridiculous amount of time on it.



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    If you can get someone with a steady hand you could apply the powder with a really fine tipped art paint brush.

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      What about adding some lacquer thinner to the powder, then painting/pouring it in with a fine brush?

      If the part has powder spilling over the lettering, could it be cured, then sanded down, then clearcoated?
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        thanks for the suggestions. I'll post results of my ultimate decision once my power arrives, and I have time to make an attempt. Fortunately on something this small, it is easy enough to strip and start over.


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          I ended up dusting it, then wiping off the excess. It looks pretty good, so I'm going to wait until I ding it up, then try and do even better next time.

          The depth of the lettering varies from one letter to the next, so getting a consistent letter "width" was very difficult.