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technique for florescent/day-glo/neon colors

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  • technique for florescent/day-glo/neon colors

    newbie to PCing. my first project is the two alloy wheels on my sportbike. the color i like best is (i think) an RAL color called "Hot Red". it is a florescent one and the color chips said something like "two step" or "two coat" or something. is this typical for such colors? i see that Caswell has a selection called "Safety Red" but it's hard to tell if it has that "florescent" quality or not.

    anyone out there ever do these "types" of colors,and if so - any tippage? thanks in advance.

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    Just from the color sample panels I have here is some info. I'm still a newbie in PCing as well, but hope this bit of info helps. Yes it is noraml to have to do a 2 coat process for "most" of the fluorescent colors. You have 2 kinds of fluorescent colors the 1 coat process and the 2 coat process. The one coat fluorescent colors don't look near as bright, well I know you can tell big difference in the yellow one and yellow two coat. For the fluorescent 2 coat I believe its always a "white basecoat" then the fluorescent color on top of it.


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      I use the fluoresnts alot on my fishing blades, a white coat brings out that bite your looking for in the color.
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        also, i think i would put down a white base coat anyway to make the flo color "pop" even more. thoughts?


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          I've used a lot of flourescent/neon green on aluminum w/no base coat-I just polish up the AL well and the finish looks great--wet & shiny!
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            hey, that sounds cool. more questions though: what if you only blasted the aluminum wheel, not "polish up"? do you think that would darken (defract, actually) the brightness of a one-coat neon powder? also, what neon/florescent powders are/were you using and on what, if i amy ask?