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  • Variable Gloss?

    I did my first pc today (electric blue) on an extra piece from a parts car. It wasn't very thick so it got to the "flow stage" after putting it in the oven fairly quickly(1-2 min.) Then cured for 10 min. at 400F. My question is there is a variation in the shine on different areas of the part, is this likely to be to much powder or too little in the places where it is not as shinney, or could there be another reason? Or is this normal? Thanks in advance.

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    I think the shinny issue was due to the fact it didn't have a thick enough coat on it. I noticed that on one piece I done as a test piece with a Super Mirror Blue. When PCing the part make sure you give it a good coat, in other words just look over the part and make sure you can't see no metal. You should just have a good dull coat of powder on the part.