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Best material to reflect IR waves?

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  • Best material to reflect IR waves?

    I was just wondering what would do a good job of reflecting the IR waves back to the piece I was baking. I have a Triple Mr. Heater, I think drfjr1976 has something similar. Was thinking about aluminum foil, but was just looking for ideas. Thanks in advance.

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    It is just light radiation, so anything reflective should work. A mirror, or even alumiinum foil covered wood, should work.

    Gotta think Light NOT heat, although the end result is high temperature.


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      you might try those mylar emergency space blankets or the winshield dash protectors.
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        The heater won't burn through the windshield dash protector? Guess it must be like y2khardtop said think light not heat, kind of weird how that works.


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          I just got back from so cal and saw a setup where they picked up some aluminum sheet from Home Depot and polished it. This allowed them to shape it for a specific part. After polishing it they just use a laser pointer to test where the light will hit the part. I notice that they used a couple of 1X2's to make the bends they needed, so it doesn't take any special tools or any special skills. The aluminum sheets were very thin...maybe 22ga.


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            laser pointer! Now that's thinking outside the box!

            Great suggestion


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              well if you are using IR you SHOULD be using the hand held IR temp gun. Which has a laser pointer on it. As most should know the laser is just to AIM the gun, it doesnt read temps... Just a suggestion so people dont go out buying laser pointers. lol and if you are using IR and dont have a IR temp gun, GET ONE! lol

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                another good point

                another good point, but only newer IR thermometers have lasers. In college, or engineering lab had IR thermometers without lasers.