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cant figure out the chrome

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  • cant figure out the chrome

    Ok, I use an oven now on my chrome parts... BUT, when I put a high gloss clear coat on it it turns gray like it was just over cured.. Can someone please explain.

    ALSO, I want to build a spray booth. I know blademan said to email him, but cant do so without an email addy

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    [email protected]
    Pro-Tech Powder Coating
    93976 Ocean Way
    [email protected]
    Gold Beach,Oregon


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      I had a similar issue. I used a chrome powder on a compressor housing of a turbo. It came out great, I loved it. Then I followed directions and applied a clear coat over it, and when it came out, it just looked silver, similar to a silver powder, and it lost all it's punch. I have since shown customers their part without clear, and showed them what it would look like with clear, and told them I couldn't warranty just chrome and it may not last as long, and could tarnish, but they love the look so much, they don't even care. Is there a way to protect the chrome without making it look different?