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First coat job - amazing!

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  • First coat job - amazing!

    I am truly impressed. Something i created, that cant be scratched off!! You can actually scratch it with a coin. The website description does the color NO justice as these colors look expensive and glossy.

    Questions - Does your standard tgc powercoat job chip if you scratch with a coin? I cured for about 5 minutes, and i have minimal deposition on a non-cleaned chrome surface, no clearcoat.

    Gonna build an oven for the bike frame today. Goog luck to all. Mike

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    What did you create? Any pics? You only cured it for 5 minutes, thats kind of short isn't it? Most powders I've seen need about 20-25 minutes. A lot of the glossy colors are recommended that you put a clear coat on top of them to help them from being scratched. I've yet to get hold of any powder that will even chip off, sand blasting it with glass oxide is almost a waste of time too. Good luck with the oven.