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Reclaiming Your Powder

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  • Reclaiming Your Powder

    Has anyone here built a spray booth with a system they could use to reclaim the excess powder that trys to float away? I've seen some people on here make spray booths with no filter and just use a shop vac, then some have fans and filters. If anyone has please share the details of how you made it.

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    In my opion for what its worth, reclaiming is a waste of time,I think most of us go for containment of the xcess powder, to much can go wrong trying to use reclaimed powder, maybe it would work if you were only shooting one color all the time.
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      While I'd love to be able to reclaim the powder, my set up would take a lot of work to set up for that. I focus more on a getting a good coat with one pass, to limit lost powder. Anytime I've tried to save some overspray, it looks dirty as can be and I just threw it away.