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IR Thermometer reading trouble and fully cured questions

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  • IR Thermometer reading trouble and fully cured questions

    Anyone else had the problem of the IR Thermometer not reading right for certain purposes? Was doing a small piece of aluminum that I had glass bead blasted then done in a mirror silver and it kept only saying the piece was about 150 to 180 degrees farheniet. The waves had to be bouncing off of it and on something else partly. Had the piece in a toaster oven set at 400 then I even put it in front of my Mr Heater which was over 1000 degrees and the piece didn't change in temperature. Is there any way to tell if a piece didn't get fully cured? Looks fine to me though...

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    This happens to me sometimes and what i do is leave the part in the oven longer maybe 10-15min longer at 375 or just under 400deg. just so it don't get burned it's never hurt my powder coating yet. and if your powder is not fully cured it will crack and flake off in a day or two. it's very easy to remove the powder if that happens.