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A newb looking for a few answers.

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  • A newb looking for a few answers.

    I just bought the gun (should get it today), and bidded on the Sandblasting Masking kit from non-stick. Now, for the powders, my main focus is on small engine parts.
    What is the main suggestion on what powders I can use for them? I have also read most of the prep suggestions and find them informative, I will be mostly doing Aluminum and steel.

    BTW I find this site very informative and I love alot of the results people are getting from the products here. I just wish they had the Raspberry color available.

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    Well it just depends on how hot the pieces on the engine are going to get. If they are going to get anywhere over 250 degrees Farenhiet (not extremely sure about that temp) you'll need to get the powder that is made for excessive heat. If they won't be getting extremely hot then you can coat them about any color you want with any powder. Well just needs to be a exterior TGIC if its going to be outside.


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      Hmm Not sure how hot an engine gets really. Basically, I am going to be doing manifolds, throttlebodies, valve covers etc. I won't be doing Blocks for a long long time, since I am just starting.


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        I do alot of intake maniflods and numorise boly ons and havent had ant complaints...I would guess a target value of 450 with normal powders,,,but i may be wrong..if i am im sure someone here will set me straight...hahahaha..
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          Perfect knowing i can do those parts then. I read alot of the tips for doing them and I don't think I will have alot of problems.