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Question about getting the metal up to 400 degrees...

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  • Question about getting the metal up to 400 degrees...

    I'm using a toaster oven for all my smaller parts and I set the temperture at about 400 degrees f. my IR Thermometer says the piece is between 150-180 degrees f. after only 5 to 10 minutes. Also put the piece in front of my Mr. Heater IR Lamp that was over 1000 degrees with the same effect. How long does it usually take a piece of aluminum that is a 1/4" thick and about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide?

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    try turning it up on the toaster oven as high as it will go but just keep a close eye on it with the IR thermometer. And see if that helps to get the temp up quicker. It seems like aluminuim takes a little longer to get up to temp. Oh when or if the part does reach the temp recomended for the powder then turn it down and try to keep it consistant.


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      Ok, put the part in the oven and set the temperature to Broil which is its highest setting. Checked the parts temp after about 5-10 minutes with the part still in the oven it read 450 degrees F. I pulled the piece out of the oven and immediatly checked the temperature again and it was like 200 degrees. This makes no sense I don't believe the temperature could of dropped over 200 degrees in that small amount of time...kind of confusing any help is welcome.


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        bud you dont want to use the broil setting except for maybe pre-heating the oven....your constant heat will come ffrom the main element, toaster ovens are nasty in that they are far ffrom acurate in the temp guess range ( the dial), youll just have to keep bumping the temp till you get where you want to be, I went down and bought an oven thermstat at coast to coast..couple bucks..anyways it goess to 600f so...with it in the toaster you will at least get a better idea at what your gauge is at, i use a toaster but usually for nuts and bolts ...try finding a used kitchen range if you can..
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          At the shop i got a nice oven at home i got the poorman setup ... i use a toaster oven .. i use it for small stuff like blademan .. bolt's water neck's ect... depending on the temp on the outside it work's ok but not the best .. ised a heat gut to flow out powder the other day ... it worked just as good as a toaster ... i think i will be driving around on trash day and yanking a oven out of the trash ...


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            That's what I did. I found a nice over 'N under double oven on the curb on trash day. Free is a good price. I removed the range top and burner elements so it's just like a counter top. When it's not being used, I keep my powder gun there. It's nice being able to cure using both ovens at the same time.