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    Hey guys i powdercoated a micstand in gloss black the other day and it flowed out and looked good but when i checked it about fifteen minutes later it had become dulled out in a large area near the back of the piece is it possible that the powder burnt?? It was done in a toaster oven and the piece got to about 500 degrees.. even when i turned the oven down.. Or is it possible that the powder is too old?? I didnt have this problem when i first got the powder but it is at least a year old.. Thanks Dave.

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    Yeah that is the thing with toaster ovens you have to keep a good eye on the temperature, I've learned this just by doing a couple of pieces in a toaster oven. Most all of your powder is only supposed to be heated up to 375-400 degrees Farenhiet. Having it in the oven at 100 degrees too hot for 15 minutes it probably did kind of burn it, well just made it dull at least. I'm still learning myself so if I'm wrong the other members of the board will correct me.


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      What you're describing is know as blushing. Does the dull part feel different from the rest? Blushing can occur for many reasons...The most common reason is moisture. However uneven temps can do it too. One thing for sure...500 degrees is way too much. I don't think I would condem the powder just yet. Shoot a test piece at the correct temp and see what it does. Good luck.


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        Yeah the weird part feels different from the rest i will try shooting and lowering the temp of the toaster oven. Thanks. Dave. I also have another question i did some other pieces in black wrinkle and some of them didnt wrinkle were they not coated heavy enough?? Dave.


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          Dave you either have too thin of a coating or if it feels really thick then too much. Wrinkles can form a puddle over the surface if too thick.But they have too be REALLY thick for this to happen over the whole surface.Usually if its too heavy you see small puddles or blisters. As for your blushing part, you can reduce it by turning off oven and leaving the part in allowing it to cool slower.