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    Hey guys I need some help here. Im building a 6' foot oven.
    It was going to be electric, but just fond out that my garage cant handle no more, electric wise. I need to change the whole service in the house (it's only 50amp now)first to go bigger in the garage. Right now thats not an option.
    So here's what im thinking. The oven I was gonna build is a 6'x4'x3' box.
    Instead of using this oven box for an electric oven, i'll go propane.

    I need any comments on propane ovens, info and links!

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    i have hear of other's using propane ... is your garage attached to the house?


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      no, unatached about 50 ft away. I can run one of those 110volt stoves that use 3 500wt heating elements. But making the big oven I dont know how may elments I woul need and think it will be to much with everything out there.Thats way im thinking i'll make it propane if I can and I can see how others have done them.


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        The hardest thing about doing propane is finding the correct heat exchangers. I’m sure you’ll want the oven to indirect fired (heat exchanger) vs direct fired. Direct fired will put a lot of moisture and combustion by-products in the oven…that’s not good.
        Another problem with any home made gas fired ovens would be the safeties and controls to operate the oven. Propane isn’t nearly as forgiving as natural gas.
        Don’t mean to be negative, it can be done.