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IR heater for powder coating questions

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  • IR heater for powder coating questions

    Hi. I just ran across this on eBay and picked it up cheap. My question is, in addition to heating my garage this winter, would this also be useable for powder coating items as large as motorcycle frames, wheels, engine parts, etc.? It's a "Re-verber-ray portable infrared construction heater model #P16t " and creates 16,000 BTU/ph. I'm wanting to get into powder coating, but my budget is really limited after just spending my cash on settng up the 3 gallon chrome shop, and I'm hoping that this, maybe combined with some silver space blanket reflectors mounted on cardboard to bounce the IR waves around the part(s), will work as the heat source. From there, I'm an IR thermometer and a powder coating gun away from getting going, right? (Already have a sandblaster to strip parts for the chrome shop) Thanks for any advice/feedback you guys might have to offer.

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    Yes that should work. The only thing is using a heater like that does take practice. You do have to keep a close i on what is going on. I have a heater similar but mine is bigger. I have got the part too hot when i cleared it and it turnd yellowish like i burnt the clear. So the themometer is a must when using something to that nature. The only thing about that is you have to work from one side to the other. Thats the best thing that i can tell you. Sometime in the future i am going to have to do a Roll Cage in a car and that is what i'll end up using more than likely. Good luck.