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what type of powder to use?

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  • what type of powder to use?

    i'd like to do my intake manafold on my v8 ford. what type of powder should i use. i noticed several listed on the caswell home page. hybred powders, epoxy ect. do i need a hight temp powder? i notice eastwood has high temp and regular coatings. anyone know what type their regular coatings are? eppoxy? the only drawback i notice in high temps is the small selection of color.. any suggestions would be very much appreceated. thanks

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    i have done intakes with just reg not hi-temp and havent had any problems..biggest probalem with intakes, valve covers...actually anything used off a engineisgetting the sucker clean..belive me...whenyou thinkits it all again and parts are a dream.. old parts hold more oil and **** inside the metal...and there isnt a whole lot worse than to put on what you exspect to be a show part...just to have to strip it all down and do it again..just because of the out the tips section here...ask some questions....then do it...practice on other stuff first...any questions feel free to e-mail me..

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      Polyester will work fine for that application.Epoxy is alot tougher but tends to fade over a long time and is very limited in colors.High temp is generally not needed for intakes.


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        thanks guys. i'm going to lay a chrome base then a gloss black over it. did it with some bike parts. (chrome/red) came out like a coke can! i need to read up on pre-heating aluminum. i've done about 10-12 pieces and the last time tried to pre-heat the aluminum and then wipe it down before coating it. didn't seem to do anything.. is it ok to use laquer thinner?


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          Gloss black doesn't require the chrome base - just a note - you might be adding a step for no reason.


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            i'm trying to achive a "chrome black" look. it really made a difference when i based chrome under the red before. made it look anodized like a coke can. i was hoping that it would have a simular effect doing the same with the black.. you don't think it will make a differnce?


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              Black is a solid color...using chrome first will do nothing for you. I don't know if Caswell sells it but there is a transparent black out there somewhere. I'm not sure if it will do what you want but it wouldn't hurt to put it on the color request list. I'm sure if it works or is worth selling Caswell will stock it. I've shot high gloss black and it does come out very shiny...If you can't get the transparent black I'd go with the high gloss black.