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  • Dry run?

    Hi, all. Well, I got my IR propane heater in yesterday, and my gun and supplies from Caswells should arrive tomorrow, so I'm getting ready to set all this up and had a question- should I set up the heater and mirrors around the part first, before I blast it and coat it, and then see if my heater will run it up to 400 degrees or so? Will any surface rust affect the heating, or should it matter? Also, when using mirror(s) to reflect the IR waves to the backside of the part (a motorcycle frame) should I use one that points the waves straight back, or should I use two so that the heat source points through the frame and into the center of a right angle of two mirrors? Also, should I be trying to heat and cure it all at once, or can it be heated and cured a section at a time? I'm looking forward to seeing how well this all works. Thanks again for all your advice and help, guys.


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    It never hurts to dry run.