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out gasssing and pre heating?

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  • out gasssing and pre heating?

    do you have to pre heat all parts or just certian types of metal? same goes for outgassing is it all type of metal or just the part isnt clean enough? how long do you pre heat for? and do you let the part cool down completely and rewash it with cleaner before shooting? thanks for any info... i am glad i found this site, the prices on alot of the stuff is really good and this message board rocks for us newbies... thanks again to all who reply and help us out and thanks to caswell for having this board...

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    From my limited experience, the only thing I had to outgas and preheat was aluminum items, Such as valve covers and manifolds.

    my first valve cover is at


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      I prebake everything as an extra measure to remove any missed oils.After washing I bake it to dry and then leave in about 5 minutes extra to burn clean. Remove from oven alow to cool until you can hold in hand then coat.