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Noob ? about cure temps

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  • Noob ? about cure temps

    Im a noob to PCing. I have two questions. 1st. when a powder says 400 degrees cure time does that mean the metal temp has to be 400 degrees or I set the oven at 400 degrees? 2nd. when I hang a piece up in the oven to bake it do i have to turn it every so often or do i just let it hang the way it is?

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    When the powder says 400 cure temp, that does mean the part metal needs to be. And no you dont have to turn the part or flip or anything such nature while it is in the oven.


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      I have the same questions as well.... so if it says 400 then what would I wan't to put the oven to? Should I put it to 400 or lower and let it heat up slowly? Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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        Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and cure. Just be aware of the mass of your part. If it is a small aluminum part, it may only need to cure for 15 minutes. For a larger, heavier steel part, you may need to cure for 20-25 minutes or more to allow the part to reach 400 degrees for the full cure time. The part itself must be at the 400 degree curing temperature for the amount of time your powder says to cure. A little more time isn't as much of a problem as too little time. Make sure your powder has plenty of time to flow out and be smooth and glossy. You don't need to turn or rotate the part during curing.