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    need advice for best way to start powder coating.

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    The best advice I can give-- Read all of the past posts. Everything you will encounter to start off is covered several different ways. Once you have a direction selected on how big or small you want to go in, then we can help but your question was very general and difficult to answer.


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      thanks for the reply. i've been reading alot of what people are saying and so far its pointing me in the right direction. thanks again.


      • #4, read, practice...ask questions...then practice some more..
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          Yeah they basically told you right. I am starting just like you, I don't even have a kit yet but am reading all the posts that I can and everything and have learned a lot already. Once I get about 200 more bucks now (spent some money on things so need more again) then I am getting the kit and all. Only thing I need to know now is what I can use to cure or heat the parts up with because my oven is too small and I have big parts to do and very few small ones. Try reading the tips section on here, that helped me a lot. I am about halfway or more to reading every post in this section.