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Do you need to sand blast for PC to adhere? Any other ways?

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  • Do you need to sand blast for PC to adhere? Any other ways?

    I am trying to see if I can get away with prepping the part without sandblasting. I have always polished, and for some reason I thought you could PC over a polished surface, and would make it come out nice. From what I have read so far, you have to bead blast the part for the powder to adhere. that worries me because I also read that powder coating will show imperfections. What is the minimum you need to do to the part for the powder to adhere, like can you just sand it or stick it in a tumbler with sand or another media?

    Not that I don't want to sand blast, but I am doing really small parts, all aluminum parts off a motorcycle no longer then 10" x 4" x 1", and plus I was hoping with it polished first, it would look better then putting a base chrome.

    One last thing before I can make my purchase. I can't find the information I need that tells me what types of powders I need for what jobs. Can anyone recommend a spot for that. I want to do the pretty bright colors on the aluminum, but also some dull ones on parts that are NOT connected to the engine. And I want to PC parts that are connected to the engine. So can I use the same powder for both? The word weatherable wasn't defined good enough I guess.
    thanks for the help, and Ill call my order in when I figure out what I need.

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    I don't have access to a sandblaster and I use a fine sand paper and lightly go over the item, I use mineral spirits to thoroughly clean the part afterwards. If you are real careful it should turn out nice. Sandblasting can come later when you can more readily afford it.


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      Thanks Kiyi, I figured there had to be another way. I am actually completely setup with sandblasting, I thought it would help me remove the anodize layer from the aluminum. The parts I work on are from Japanese motorcycles, and they always have to be sanded no matter what since they are mostly ****. What grit sand paper do you use before powder coating.


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        I use the most fine I can get. I just pick stuff up and feel it I am not a professional though, I don't make money from it. Its all about the hobby and my car. is my first car part I did.


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          I guess the main reason i blast my parts is that it gives me a smooth clean surface to work with, especially old used parts...if you have a nice clean polished or chrome peice you can usually get away with just using a scotch guard pad and lightly go over it..and sometimes just a good cleaning will suffice..btw i usually use acetone for my final wipe down it evaps quick and doesnt leave a residue like mineral spirts can...just me thoughts on this..
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