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    Ok well I am going to be buying my kit in about 2 weeks because I need to hurry and get this out of my way. The questions I have is can someone PLEASE send me a list of EVERYTHING I will need so I don't forget to order nothing? What kind's of prymer will I need, powder, etc? I plan on powder coating any kinds of metal. I am not really familiar with this so might need some help as well. Also on the ovens, I don't know what to get or if I should build my own or what. The things I plan on doing will not fit in a regular oven since they will be dirt bike frames. I am on a tight budget here (500 bucks is all I have and might be able to get another hundred in a couple weeks or more). Also if I wan't a chrome blue color or chrome red then how do make the color look chrome?
    Thanks a ton in advance!