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  • holding parts?

    first being i have to powder coat a flat piece of steel how do you suggest i ground the piece and hold the piece? do you suggest i do 1 side at a time? can i move the ground off the piece and shoot where the ground was clipped? other question is i was wondering if anyone has done an alum. subframe for a dirtbike? the reason i am asking is it feels very easy to distort at high temps? is that a problem with thin alum. parts?

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    How are you curing the flat piece? You can remove the ground clip to do that small area. Just don't spray too much in that spot trying to get it to stick. You could probably do it one side at a time but you'll need to be really careful about how you set it up for curing, and when you shoot the edges be aware that the powder will stick to the other side of the work piece. I might be tempted to use some kind of clamp to grab the piece on the edges. Put a piece of very thin piece of pencil rod(round bar) between the clamp and the work piece. Use the clamp to hang the material. Unfortunately you might have to sacrafice the small area that the pencil rod contacts. I use 2.5mm hobby stock. Also remember that you'll need to use an all metal clamp. As far as the sub frame is concerned it should be just fine. Try to avoid excessively long cure times.

    Hope this helps


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      thanks i will try the clamp idea