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Powdercoating over powdercoat or unknown material.

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  • Powdercoating over powdercoat or unknown material.

    I would like to find the answer to my particular situation. Parts on motorcycles, ATV, etc such as handlebar clamp, throttle housing, and clutch perches are coated from the factory. What they use is unknown to me. It is usually black in color. Well I powder coated a piece stripping all of the coating and then cleaned and recoated and everything went fine. I also tried and coated a piece without removing the original material. I cleaned it and prepped it with the iron phosphate primer. It worked well also. This original material is difficult to remove. I need to know if it is ok to do as I did by just coating over the original? Any advice would be appreciated. I would like to do a swing arm on my ATV.

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    as a rule for me...I dont like to powder coat over anything I havent done..Even if I have done it ,I usually re-strip it and do it again..its a pain but at least im sure of what i have when im done...
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      Having just been down the "rebuild the motorcycle" road, I can tell you the black stuff on lever perches etc isn't that difficult to remove - if you've got a blast cabinet.

      I bead blasted all my parts clean and then they were PC'd or polished.

      Look at it this way. Which paint job would be better on your car? Stripping it to metal and starting from scratch, or giving it a quick sand, prime and paint??


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        skiddz i love your banshee

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