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sandblasting--sand or glass?

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  • sandblasting--sand or glass?

    is it better to use sand or glass bead for blasting? and should i clean, blast, clean and then coat? any info will be helpful and much appreciated.

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    I used my uncles machines shops glass bead cabinet today and it performed excellently. I think they are several types of media available I think sand is the cheapest. For what I was doing (removing corrosion and grease from a valve cover) the glass bead seamed like the ticket....


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      Unless you have a VERY good dust collector and respirator, DO NOT USE SAND. I'm talking real sand here, not purpose specific blasting media like coal slag, aluminum oxide or glass bead. Sand will cause lung damage...

      I've used glass bead and aluminum oxide. Some folks swear by coal slag. Evidently it's pretty cheap as well. I think I pay about $30 for a 50# bag of glass bead and a tick more for sluminum oxide. I've heard coal slag can be had for about $9 for that same 50# bag.

      Whatever works, use it. I prefer glass bead, but most of what I blast ends up being polished so I don't want the "rougher" finish the aluminum oxide leaves. It may be desireable for better bonding with PC tho.


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        I hear glass is best all the time. Don't use sand on sheet metal like things for automotive use because it will get the metal out of shape and mess it up. I heard something about sand causing moisture problems with rust on sheet metal too but forgot what it was about, I think it's in a mag of mine.


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          i use it all . but sand is not a safe thing to use ... when i am sandblasting a whole car body i use super fine scat mixture but with a nice vent setup .. glass bead gives you that nice less sand surface .. poly is good . but you need the powder to bite the metal i would use coal slag or glass bead