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    First I would like to say Great Forum.I am very new at this and haven't coated anything yet but I am just a few steps away.Wired up my dedicated oven last night and started calibrating the heat.I placed a small cast iron skillet in the oven.I also hung one of those oven thermometers in the oven.Set oven at 400 degrees.I then let the oven preheat for approx.45 min.The thermometer read just a tad over 400 but when I removed the skillet and checked it with my IR thermometer it only read about 360.Left it approx. another hour.Same thing.I can read skillet while in the oven and it reads alittle over 400 but when I pull it out and immediately scan it with my IR it only reads in the 360 degree range.Question is: do I need to turn up oven temp till I read 400 on the skillet out of the oven?

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    Welcome to the forum..first of all...sounds to me like your oven is gonna be pretty damn close to cookin the cookies temp...just remember ( unless your pc'ing skillets..the mass is going to be different...i would score a digi thermo when you can....but i would say your dialed in pretty damn good...
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      Hello and welcome aboard ( or is it to the boards?)
      Blademan's right you should be okay.


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        Thank you gentlemen.I'll be doing my first piece this weekend and will let you know how it turns out.
        Take Care