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Oven temp vs part temp

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  • Oven temp vs part temp

    Okay here is the deal folks. I got my oven finished or at least I think I did. I placed a motorcycle wheel and swing arm in the oven to pre-heat for out gassing. I thought I would keep an eye on the temp of the parts to see how long it would take for them to get to 400. After around 35min the parts never reached the temp. They got to around 350 in one spot, but an inch below the 350 spot it was 314 and in a other section it was 287. I am not sure if the ir temp probe works that great or it’s something else. Just wanted to see if any one out there has had the same problem. Just so you know the oven was set to 400 and reached the temp. If you have done a motorcycle how long did you have it in the oven for?

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    It took an hour for my little oven to get a 21in bike rim to 400deg. then another 15min for the cure time. the oven size is 21 1/2" X 31" X 18"


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      Thanks, I guess I should just try to leave it in the oven longer. My oven size is just a little bigger 48x72x48. I guess it heats up a little slower.


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        Re: Oven temp vs part temp

        I have done spot checks on a lot of the parts I pull out of the oven at 400, given that the parts have been coated the digital laser never comes close to 400 on a standard 20 min dwell time. More time and accurate temp measurements test, test.


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          Re: Oven temp vs part temp

          Allot of things can effect the IR temp meters. Angle pointed, distance, perhaps even color of part and reflection for readings. Also if battery is low you will get a false reading allot.
          I have noticed a correct reading NOT using the red laser, and a far too low reading after I turned on the Laser, replaced the battery and all was fine again either way.
          Same thing with the display back light using it at night and the battery a bit low.

          I like my IR thermometer for many things, but it takes playing with sometimes to be sure a reading is the highest or correct. Basically I figure not much reason for a reading to ever be too high, but lots of reasons for it to be too low, so I check allot of ways like various angles and distances. Usually I trust the highest reading, and certainly if it's close to some other reading like a real thermometer or one of those shelf type oven thermometers.