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    Hello all, early on in the week I asked about parts getting up to correct temperature in the oven. Well, I was using a Mini-Temp IR hand held device to find the part temp. I was not positive that I was getting the right temp. So after speaking to a person who deals with temperature measurement, he told me that the IR devices are the wrong things to use. It seems that the color of the part you coated and the heat of the oven or light can cause the IR device to give you a wrong temp. He told me to use a surface probe hooked Multi-meter type device. This would give you the correct measurement and color or surrounding heat won’t affect it. Just wanted to let folks know.

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    Yes it may vary the results but not enough to really effect anything. Powder just needs to hit a temp between 300 and 450 your reading won't be off by 15 degrees probably. Also do you wish to probe that fresh coat of flowing powder to check it?So yes he is correct, however you aren't trying to hold a 2 degree tolerance.The main thing is that you bake consistantly.


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      When it comes to things like this also try to remember that we live in a 10% world. Don't take that literally, but try to remember a little off is ok. Even the most sophisticated temp profiling systems are not 100% accurate. So if your temps are close and you're paying attention to your cure times chances are that you'll be ok. Also remember that most powders have a very high overbake tolerence, and won't be adversely affected if you leave it in a few extra minutes just to make sure it's all cured. Personally I use my IR temp probe as a semi-close guide so I know when to start my cure clock.


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        When I used the IR device to read temps I was getting the wrong temp reading. For example I just did a swing-arm, it was in the oven for close to an hour. I used the IR to read the part temp looking for the curing time to start, but the top of the swing-arm read 375 and about two inches next to the first reading was only 325. So I went in search of a better way to get part temp readings. Just wanted to let other people no the you can get close with the IR, but if you looking into correct readings get something else. That’s all