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  • WoooooooHooooooo

    Just finished my first piece.Did the handlebar clamp on my 75 FXE with mirror gloss black.Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! Why clear coat?I would not have been as sucessful if it had not been for all the great information here at this board.I have been reading here for weeks.NOW.......time to call all my buds and find some more stuff to coat!!!!!!Just like I have read here several times........I need a bigger oven

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    Why to clearcoat mirror black? <--- this is your question right?
    Wash it and try to keep it perfect, you will soon see why the clear is great.
    Mirror colors show streaks, spots, prints and marrs worse than any other colors. The clear has a harder surface.


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      Thanks Dale for the reply to both my questions here and the other thread.I did notice after the part had cured and I was handling it it seemed to surface scratch fairly easy.I'm assuming that I can just wipe the part down and coat and cure with clear using the same procedure used for the black.