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Keeping serial numbers showing through PC?

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  • Keeping serial numbers showing through PC?

    Hi. I know a few people have asked about powder coating over gun parts in the past; but my question is, how does one powder coat over stamped serial numbers that are not very deep to begin with, to keep them visable? Will they show up anyway, or is there a "trick", such as candle wax in them, etc. that I need to do in the prep work (which so far is just glass bead blasting the frame and polishing the bluing off with black on a sisal)? Thanks, Jay.

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    Usually stampings show through the coating. Unless it's textured or wrinkled. Try one to see and no added prep needed.


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      Just read your post and although I don't have an answer for your question (newbie here) I do have a question about the candle wax you mentioned.Is this some type of trick that can be used in PCing?


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        As an added note candle wax is a waste of time for powdering. 99% of the waxes on the market melt below 200F and some have a flash point below 400F, so with the right wax you could have a real safety hazard.


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          Well that took care of my question.Appreciate it Dale.


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            To add to what Dale said...Candle wax will melt and spread out and undermine your coating.