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cure times for powder?

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  • cure times for powder?

    my question is there are alot of poeple selling powder, polyester mirror black for example one place will says 10min. at 450 then 20min. at 400, while another says 450 for 20min. is there a difference in how they make it that varies the time and temp so much? what do most of you do, buy it from the same place all the time and bake how they say or do you just use the same time where ever you buy it? one more quetion do you bake all color like red blue black (normal colors) at the same time and temps or does that vary also?... thanks for any anwsers... randy

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    randy -- the times and temps are general starting points. They have to be adjusted for your application and baking methods. Once you set some guidelines for each formulation (polyester,epoxy, etc..) in your shop then stick to them.