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  • DALE
    Adjust air pressure and fill cups to different levels.Move deflectors in and out and change them. This is all part of your spraying style that developes over time and most everyones' style is different. As they say"Different strokes for different folks" Experiment alot and be patient.

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  • buzzurd
    started a topic Caswell Hobby Gun

    Caswell Hobby Gun

    I recently purchased the caswell hobby kit.I can't seem to adjust the flow of powder.I have screwed the bottom screw all the way in and am still getting way to much powder.I'm running my air supply at 10 psi.If I tilt the gun side ways the flow slows.I'm also using the larger diffuser.Should I be using a smaller diffuser for small parts?How far out should the diffuser be from the end of the gun?How much powder should I have in the cup?