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Can anyone PC an ATV frame? Aprox, 4-5ft long by 2-3 ft wide

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  • Can anyone PC an ATV frame? Aprox, 4-5ft long by 2-3 ft wide

    I'm looking for someone who could powdercoat my frame for a Yamaha Blaster, and some prices. I did it in spray paint and decided I wouldn't waste my time doing that again.

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    I just did the frame from my blaster. E-mail me at:
    [email protected] and we'll talk more.


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      here's some pics of my frame from the blaster.


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        I can handle your frame ono problem, you can check out my site at, give me a call if interested. Thanks


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          Speaking of PCing frames...

          Fireblade and Johnny; what are you guys getting for powdercoating a bike frame in your areas? I'm looking at getting an oven big enough to do them too, and am curious as to who charges what for that size project. I know around here, my local chopper shop guy is paying a friend of his $100 to do a frame for him (including prep), but the only color he does them in is black. Is that high/low? Any feedback/opinions?


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            That is low for my area, but PREP means alot of different things to different people. I consider prep like this, bring me the frame, mostly everything taken out of it, if you don't have the means to disassemble ALL components out of the frame I can probably handle that as well, since I also work on motorcycles and such. We also do Ford computer programming, Mustangs, Lightnings, Crown Vics and such. I then blast the entire frame, tape of anything requested or that NEEDS to be taped off or plugged etc, then do the coating. The price may change according to the color, but to be honest unless it is a 2 part color the price rarely changes unless the frame is drastically different. I have read some disclosures to some companies and you really don't get what you expect, somethings surprisingly left out which people take for granted. My shop is pretty much what I quote is what the TOTAL cost is going to be. Anyways, my prices range from $175 for single color, $230 for 2 color, could be more if the colors are more expensive or something different is asked for, but I will tell you upfront, not surprise you when you get the piece.