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  • high temp tape

    my question is is the tape caswell sells (the green tape) good enough because it is only good to 400 degrees? isnt that kinda low? is anyone using something else alittle higher temp? and yes i know this is caswell's site and they dont like poeple promoting other products but i just think this is low and i need to know if i should order this tape when i order my plugs from caswell... thanks for any info ... randy

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    Order it. I have been using it for 2 years and it does the job. Even if you go above 400 it doesn't matter, the tape has done it's job and will just harden a little and maybe curl a bit. By the time that happens it won't matter, the powder will have flowed out and mostly cured.


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      It works fine. I suggest using it.


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        i figured it would work but i wanted some assurance.. thanks for your help i will be ordering some very soon....