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Powder coat over zinc plate?

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  • Powder coat over zinc plate?

    I'm planning to powder coat a number of suspension, steering and misc. underbody components on a vehicle restoration, and I'm considering zinc plating some of them first.

    Will the powder coat adhere well to zinc? Will the zinc survive the bake? Is it worth the extra effort for corrosion resistance? Or is there a better corrosion barrier to use? Any other thoughts on this? Pros and cons?

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    Well, I can't guarantee the powder to stick because I don't know, but I do know that zinc plating is popular for brake rotors. I know those get way over the 400 degree mark and shouldn't have a problem holding up.



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      I have coated over zinc plated parts such as brackets, solid motor mounts and such. I have had no problems with going right over them although they were new. It looks to me like it puts a excellent finish on the parts because the surface is smooth from the plating process.


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        Yes you can powder over the zinc without any problems.


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          Kris, WAORacing & DALE:

          Thanks all!

          Looks like I'm good to go! I've got to wait for some fresh zinc electrolyte mix to arrive (a week or so), but I'll post the results.