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J B Weld Revisited

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  • J B Weld Revisited

    Noob here,
    I'm finishing a four foot tall sculpture , which I hope to PC this weekend. I an effort to cover up a fair amount of deep scratches and mis-weldings I plan to use JB Weld. I tried a sample earlier today and found it covered well and flowed normally ( 400 for 25 min.) I noticed in searching the archives that the consensus is not to use it though my destructive tests showed a tight bond and no noticeable disintegration of the JB Weld. So...Comments, do I trust it?

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    If you tried it and are happy with the results go with what you see/feel/know....not with what you read.

    Disclaimer: No I am not bashing anyone in this forum, just saw an opertunity to use something my father kept telling me while growing up and jumped on the chance


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      Correct-- if it works and you are happy then use it.The things on this forum are mearly suggestions not commandments. However if it pleases you , then you may call me Moses.


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        as you probably noticed i started asking about JB awhile back....I too went with the JB worked and sure was a hell of alot cheaper than the almost thirty bucks for the metal lab..and much easier to work maybe on a really deep dent it might be a different story..
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          Thanks guys, I think I'll go with flow. The sample worked, why not the piece?
          Appreciate the thoughts.


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            Has anyone tried our epoxy sticks?
            These are filled with steel, aluminum, copper etc.
            Anyone willing to try it?
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              Sure would, I'm always looking for a better way to finish the surface blemishes. 30 years a blacksmith/weldor and still searching for the perfect way to finish. I would like to try a steel stick.