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Heat Tolerance of Powder

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  • Heat Tolerance of Powder

    I am getting ready to PC some heat shields that fit around an Exhaust pipe. I do not think they will get all that hot but am I getting worried for nothing? Or will it get hot enough to melt the PC?

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    Well I PC'd the parts and Im hoping for the best. Here is one pic and I will post the rest in the album.
    This is a Exhaust pipe crossover Heat Shield


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      i am un sure of the temp off the pipes .. but i used techline on my cover's ..not a bad product for a jap car ... it don't think the heat will hurt them


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        I PC'd a heat shield on a 2003 Civic in Candy purple about 3 weeks ago. So far it has had no effect on the powder. Even though these cars are equipped with a factory header.

        NOTE: I am an automotive technician, and can tell you that the manifolds on these cars easily reach 800 deg. F on a summer day, especially someone with a heavy foot! I think the air gap between the shield and manifold help disipate the heat well.

        I am very impressed with the durability of powder.