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preheating aluminum

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  • preheating aluminum

    i've read that it's good to preheat aluminum then let it cool/clean before powdercoating because cast ect. can trap dirt/contaminates. i have a couple of questions. i'm coating an auto intake manafold , what temp is best to use? also, should i let it cool before cleaning or clean it at a certain temp? also, what is exceptable to clean it with? i have a prepsol type cleaner or would a laquer thinner be suitable. there is another company that sells a "pre" cleaner but i'm too impatient to wait to order it.. would the above work? thanks in advance..

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    I clean all my parts prior to Baking. I prebake all my aluminum parts for at least 20 min at +50 of the Powder Temp so if it is 400 I bake at 450. that way if I bake it at 400 it wont out gas, or so I hope


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      thanks... would laquer thinner work to clean the surface after baking them??


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        I just wipe off with a Blue Shop towel after the parts col, then I shoot and bake.


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          I have had best results by doing the following:

          1. Glass blast (Every Part),

          2. blow off with compressed air

          3. wash/rinse with acetone.

          4. Pre-bake @ 400-450 minimum

          5. Begine coating when temp cools to 120-125 F.

          NOTE: I am using infrared propane to cure parts.


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            so there is no need really to do a wipe down again between steps 4 & 5?


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              Might I suggest reading the tips and tricks sticky.There is a good explanation on out gassing on aluminum there.It states you want to coat your part after out gassing before it drops below 200 degrees which is when the pores begin to close and trap gas.This will also draw your coating into the pores.