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Anyone Else deal with Charley over the Weekend?

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  • Anyone Else deal with Charley over the Weekend?

    IF you did I hope you and your family is safe. I am still without power since Friday nite so it really sucks, lucky that I have access to the web from work. Ice and food is our biggest issues right now but wife and Cats are all safe and there are no extra holes in the house.

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    Glad to hear you're all safe! That was one bad storm. Had some family there and was on the edge till I heard all was ok.
    Good to know u made it through it.


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      noob my uncle got flooded .. but glad to hear your house is ok ... they sent a bunch of men and trucks from the electric company down there today so they should be around you way on tuesday .. they guy i talked to said some where around 3 weeks to get yens all back up and running .. i am on the fema list to ( being a fire fighter.. ) so when they get up to needing more help i will be glad to pack my bag's and gear and toss it in the old pickup truck and join them there... from what i am seeing on tv there are 2 more out there .. good luck


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        Noob2pc.......I can feel for ya bro.I live in NC and have dealt with 3 hurricanes in the past 10 years.Fran took out power here for 11 days and I also lost 27 large trees.If you really want to make a wise investment get ya a generator.The 2nd two took out power but I was up and running the same day.After looking at the devestation on the tube, just thank the good lord you and your family are ok.Hang in there takes time but things will get back to normal quicker then you think.