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chrome looks more like grey?

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  • chrome looks more like grey?

    it is not shiney at all it came out looking more like a grey/silver any ideas why? i was thinking maybe too thick? i baked it at 375 for 25 minutes and it looked the same the whole time. also i sprayed trans. blue over it and it seemed to not be thick enough in some spots and didnt cover so well. what would happen if i put another coat of blue on would it look bad because it is trans. ? thank for any advice.... randy

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    When doing the trans. candy colors we found it best to bake the chrome for 15 min then shot it with the trans color when it starts to cool around 150 deg. Even prior parts that were chromed weeks ago, still coat great with the trans color. Trick is, in my opinion, shot will still warm. We been having great results with the candies doing it this way. Hope it helps.


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      i will try it warm but why do you think the chrome wasnt shiney? any suggestion on the chrome?


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        I have found that some 'bad powder' comes out grey when it is suppose to be chrome. Also, baking for 25 min for chrome is pretty long. I ordered some 'mirror chrome' off comes out like a silver color. I ordered some reflective chrome from eastwood and it looks EXCELLENT using the same methods as the other stuff i bought


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          here is a pics of the ebay brite crome i used also that realy looked like a polish or brite silver finish im going to try out some other temps and time with baking to see if it will come out any better. but to be honest it looks 110% better then where i started out with

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