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Salt grain texture in Chrome???

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  • Salt grain texture in Chrome???

    Has anyone else run into this problem. I almost always notice this with only the chrome. After cure it looks like specs of sand/salt in the PC. I cannot determine what the cause is. I have been very careful in cleaning everything, including the shop before I PC. I also use both Infrared heat and electric oven. This problem happens with both.

    The only improvement that seemed to help is "SHAKING" my bottles prior to using.

    P.S. This also happens just about everytime with all glow-in-the-dark colors.

    Anyone know what I am overlooking

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    You might try straining you powder, I use a fine mesh screen, the only time I have had that problem was in hi humidty and after the powder had been setting on the shelf awhile..Also some additives like the metal flakes seem to float and can give the same out come you are getting..not much help but its something to look at..
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