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  • PC for the first time

    going to be PC for the first time. i'll be using more than one coat. should i cure each coat fully before the other or half and then coat again? i may be doin 3 coats--bright white, trans-red,and clear.

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    for the firts time you should do some scrap pieces to get the hang of it.
    every one has a diferent way to do it
    what's best for you ,it's what works for you
    here is what I do
    pre heat to 150
    powder first half from top to middle
    cure for 15 minutes
    let cool to 150
    powder secound half from bottom to middle
    cure for 15 minutes
    let cool to 150
    powder the clear and fully cure
    I've been able to make some great triple fades with clear this way
    the trick is to know when to stop or you'll end up screwing it .
    P.S if you want a metallic red you might want to rethink red over white
    red has to go over chrome to achive metallic red .


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      sorry i made it unclear. i'm not making a fade, i'm just putting 3 coats on. i heard that the bright white helps the stick out more. but thank you for the reply. i'll use your advice for the future when i'm ready to try fade jobs. thanks.


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        may be ol school here................i cure all my coats before shooting the next one...just me...........theres a fine line when the melt starts..and the cure starts....ya got to remember that your dealing with a powder and many powders have different sets to go aint like rattle can..wait a few a blow some more on thought is...if I've taken the time to do it.hell might as well do it right..........but then again.....i'm gettin thru taken chances...
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          thanks for the replys. if all goes well i'll be coating on sunday. thanks again.