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Am I missing something ????????

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  • Sleepr_Tech
    Don't forget the following:
    Hooks, iron phosphate, oven/infrared heat, die grinder for stubborn pieces and glass (Both medium & fine).
    If you are going to do any amount, make sure you get extra cups. The most common colors I would say are Chrome for base, clear for topcoat, and most mirror type colors (White/Black/Blue/ & red). That should get you started.

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  • Blademan
    wooooooooooooooo.........your on the right track............slam down a few gears though.........e-mail me or call me....

    [email protected]


    if ya get the answer machine......its cause honda doesnt make a big commpressor yet..........

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  • TimeTravel
    started a topic Am I missing something ????????

    Am I missing something ????????

    Hello eveyone,
    Great board you have going here. I have been reading these forum for about two weeks now and have to jump in. I have been working on a list and wanted to run it past the GURUs.
    Caswell starter kit
    parts cleaner/stripper
    lab metal
    metal prep
    What am I missing? I plan on practicing for a period of time and hope to pick up some side practice. What are the most common powders you guy are working with? Not for mass production just the misc part stuff. Unfortunitly I have a lot more free time on my hands and thought I should get to work. Thanks for letting me ramble. I promise no more long questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!