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clear powdercoat over airbrushing?

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  • clear powdercoat over airbrushing?

    just wondering if its possible to apply a clear powdercoat over an airbrushed design on a gas tank or will the heat from curing ruin the airbrush design?

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    do a search there is a topic about this ..


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      Where is this thread?
      I have searched using every combination and come up empty.
      I also would like info on clear pc over airbrush work.
      I have a friend that wants me to pc for a base then pc clear over his work.
      Anybody out there have any exp. at this ? Thanks Steve


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        Do you already have the powdering equipment? If yes then have your friend paint a scrap test peice and see if it will take the heat.If the paint doesn't fail the heat test then powder it and check again. There are many chemistries of paint on the market so it is usually best to test with the actual materials you intend to use. With the test and see method you can insure that you are getting exactly what you want.


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          yes it works , I've done it few times not on complicated art though
          you need to use high temp ceramic paint
          the one used for porcelain ceramic crafts and that needs to be baked at 350 degress
          YOU CAN"T GO HIGGER THAN 350
          I cure the clear for 15 mins at 350 it's a bit under the recuired time for curing but It worked fine.
          I used paint n' bake paint found it at a local craft store.


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            I have some "House of Color" paints.I'll just have to dust off the airbrush and give it a try today.Ceramics won't do for this guy,he's stuck on the paint he uses.But I will try a low temp cure.
            It's a solvent based paint so it should get a pretty good bite.
            I understand I can go down to 300 degrees on a cure just double the cure time.......Is this about right?