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OK one more time about Brake Calipers

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  • OK one more time about Brake Calipers

    I HAVE NEW CALIPERS!!! never installed or used and I need to PC them. Did we decided that the seals will or will not be damaged by the curing. I need to know as I will be doing this next weekend and do not want to tear apart brand new calipers.

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    i tore mine down first right out of the box double pumpers i seen then done with out tear down


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      Here is what I did (It is a bit crooked)....Buy new ones from a place that will warranty for life, powder coat, cure get new ones and do the old swap-a-roo on the seals and pistons. That trick is a bit easier if you know someone at the auto parts store.


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        if your gonna swap, why not just take the seals out before curing?

        I'm not sure i see the point of the warranty part?


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          Once you pull out the seals that are for the slide pins, if you can find a good way to mask that area off..Please let me know.


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            I just did my caliper this week...

            Here is what I did....

            Pulled bleed screw,
            popped in some air from my air nozzle which popped out the piston and seal.
            Doused in brake cleaner, dried, doused in den-alcohol, dried.

            Threaded in all the bolts to protect the threads and masked off bolts (unless you want to coat them too) I coated the bleed screw.
            I did not even mask off the bleader as you couldnt get powder in the hole if you wanted to..

            Preheat caliper, coat..

            Mine have a lot of contours that the powder did get into the crevices, so hang them accordingly so can do this... I sprayed a little powder on a small acid brush then tapped off the powder into the crevices.
            Came out GREAT

            The first one I did not do this and sprayed second coat with caliper hangin the other way to fill the crevices, now I will have to sand blast it and do over.



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              I almost forgot...

              I filled the piston hole with some wadded up tin foil.
              I made a 5 ply sheet and used the piston to form a round filler.
              popped it in the piston hole, I did not worry about small spaces as you know how hard it is to get powder into cracks anyway.




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                OK thanks a lot all. I have a Bare set that I am PC to drive up their eBay value so I will be practicing on them first before I do mine. I have to clean the **** out of them first and outgas them as they are aluminum calipers. Gonna do them in Re-Sale red


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                  One more thing...

                  I use clear, pure silicone tub and tile sealer.. rated to 400 and I cure 350 for 10 minutes. better than 30-40$$ for plugs...

                  I lay a bead on wax paper, hang it in U shape, cure 2 days..

                  makes any size you want... plug up those holes



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                    a little triick i use for getting into those damn tight spots is i went down to the sporting goods store and and bought a worm blower...its just a squeeze bottle with a hypo type needle on slick...I also keep an air brush gun with a bit of powder in it near by..
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