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    Any users of curing lamps out there?

    How well do the lamps work? I would be doing pieces just slightly larger than my oven, and not flat. Say a motorcycle frame or something like that. From the catalog descriptions, it seems that they have to be rather close to the item, so

    + What happens to the curing line when the item is rotated? Will it blend in or still be noticeble?
    + Would 1 1500 wt Caswell lamp be enough? How much better would the 2000 watt lamp be?

    I'm sure that a multiple lamp setup would be best, but that is out of my price range. Any info from lamp users would be good.



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    I have a 1500 watts lamp that I have used 2 times
    and it takes so long to melt the powder that I ended up making a bigger oven.
    they work but you need a closed area ,a good reflector , a good thermometer ( IR ) to keep constant readings on the part and a long time to wait .
    again I have a 1500 watts a higger lamp might work better
    just my opinion based on my lamp.


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      Thanks for telling me your experience. I had concerns about using just one, and you've hit them. I've been toying with building a larger oven using the 2 burner elements from my oven.


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        I have used my lamp(m1500) for atv frames and smaller parts. It worked great, but like he said you need to moniter the temp and move the part/lamp. I use wall board refelative insulation panels on the opp. side of the lamp to reflect and it works real good.
        Lamps work good if you mintor them.
        Time for atv frame was about 45-60 min using a prismatic balck color.
        Some like them and some dont.