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First Charley, Then Francis, now Jeanne!!!!

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  • First Charley, Then Francis, now Jeanne!!!!

    THIS SUCKS!! 3 Hurricanes and now 3 times with now power!!! Only 1 small bit of damage to the house, lost a peice of rain gutter. Other than that we are all safe, hot and irritable but safe.

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    noob help is there my brothers company has close to 5000 truck's on stand by in tampa... fema grab as many as they could and sent them there yesterday they are at the tampa airport on the runways waiting to be sent to the locations they need to be ...... fema did me good 5 grand and a roll of paper towels to wipe my eyes with .... good luck


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      Sorry for the H-cane hammering,
      Just move up here to beutiful ole New England and you only have to deal with a bit of snow now and then for 5 months/yr.
      AND never more than 4 feet at once....
      I would not live anywhere else myself.
      You can shovel it out of your way, what you do with all that water?? nothin..

      Good luck, any small help this Bostonian can do or fabricate for you Floridians, let me know. Have full wood and metal shop...



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        I live by Daytona Beach and lost power for about 4 hours Sunday (our generator missed up and nothing open to get parts). I sure got lucky this time around. The last two was a total of around 12 days with no power. I was in the shop doing some beadblasting today. Hang in there noob hope is on the way.

        P.S. no more hurricanes please........


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          OK here are the totals :

          Charley: 5 Days No Power/Cable/Internet
          Frances: 2 Days No Power/ 11 Days no Cable/Inernet
          Jeanne : 38 hours No Power / Still No Cable/Internet

          heheh Power company are getting better, Cable is slacking off! I just bought an Angle Grinder this monring before work so I can strip some parts. Back to work this weekend. If I get the trees/limbs cleared out.


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            noob how far are you from coco beach?


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              Originally posted by customandsound
              noob how far are you from coco beach?
              about 50 Miles


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                I think it was Horace Greely.. but it doesnt matter who said it , GO WEST ( and in your guy's case..Run like hell befor the next one hits...) Hope your all doing ok and staying safe.
                Pro-Tech Powder Coating
                93976 Ocean Way
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                Gold Beach,Oregon


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                  there we go all to blademans home to deal with the 100+ mph winds.during the winter ...


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                    Hey I'll bet if you guys head to Waynes he'll let you work off the room and board powdering.Of course you may have to sweep out the booth for a place to sleep but at least its dry.Glad to hear everyong is ok though.