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aluminum intake manifold preparation

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  • aluminum intake manifold preparation

    any suggestions on cleaning grease and dirt build up on an aluminum intake manifold to get it ready for powdercoat? can i soak it in a solvent or something that wont damage the aluminum's integrety. thanks

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    I am using a Black Plastic Plaster tub from home depot. I put the parts in in and use the Degreaser from Harbor Frieght and mix it 9/10 - 1 and let the parts soak over night at least, then I clean them up, rinse with water, dry, sandblast, outgas cool, wipe down and then PC.


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      the cheapest set up ive found was to buy a meduim size parts degreaser. i fill it with varasol and soak all the parts for up to 24 hours. the parts are scrubbed and rinsed in the tank then set into an empty tub to dry. then i bake the parts for 30 minutes or so to dry any remaining cleaning agent and this also serves to bake any grease or oil and then its off to the beadblast cabinet. once the part is beadblasted its inspected for dirt or contaminents. if its good to go then its off to be washed in a mild detergent then air dried and once again put in the oven for a final dry and pre heat.

      sounds like alot of work, but prep is key to getting a good finish.


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        yep what they said......and then cook the hell out of it befor ya pc it..and maybe even do what they said again just to be sure..and befor ya pc it..wipe it down with acetone,,better safe than sorry...
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          i soak all my nasty part's in kero for 24 hrs then hose with the steam jenny then toss in a converted dishwasher .... then to the glass bead cab
          wipe with thinner the preheat and cover ...........