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  • Prepping Aluminum

    Hey all. I am an newbie and want to start coating aluminum parts. After polishing, what is the best way to prep aluminum for power coating? What do you use to degrease the part to remove any oils or compounds, and what is the procedure? I know aluminum is quite porous, so I want to use the correct cleaning solution. After solution cleaning, how does the pre-baking process work? I know it is used to outgas the residual liquids before coating, but how hot and how long after pre-baking should I wait to spray? Also, I will be coating 6061 T6 ... so will heating risk ruining the hardness of this metal - what temp will I be safe with to heat this type of alum? I know this is alot of info I am requesting, but any tidbits of advice would be great. Thanks in advance.


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    You need to read the 6061 thread, in short...can't do it.


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      i think it would be a good idea for all the new to so a search !!


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        Not to sound short but check through the old posts the prep has some huge posts on the subject that should answer your questions.

        As for the 6061, depends on what the parts are used for.Most manufacturers use 6061-t6 to produce parts that require little strength because its the most commonly stocked aluminum grade.